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OVER TO YOU.........Suggest your swim ideas. 

Long or short, maybe 1000 miles, maybe more. Swim with sharks, whales or penguins. Oceans, lakes or rivers. Swim for a great cause, cancer research, save the oceans, world peace. Let me have your swim idea and linked with your cause. 
I have a couple of really substantial swim ideas: Goodness knows how I will choose: But keep them coming. So far it will be one or the other and maybe I have until the Channel swim is completed before I decide. Although I have a feeling which I would hope to swim. The other will maybe stay around a while longer. Its been hanging around for twenty years already.....................Or maybe the swimming is the easy bit and finding £30,000 for a boat becomes the problem. 


COAST to COAST. I love this. An unescorted long distance swim trek from the The Morey Firth on the North Sea coast at Inverness, through Loch Ness, Loch Oich, Loch Lochy and into the Irish Sea to Oban. A distance of 80 miles. Regularly covered by Kayak and Canoe in about five days. I would aim to complete the distance in a similar time. 
As I swim, I shall be towing my raft , complete with camping equipment, food and supplies. When I am unable to swim (its's not allowed to swim some sections of the Caledonian Canal), I will carry my loaded raft as if it were a ruck sack. I will then walk the canal paths connecting the Lochs until I am again able to swim. This is likely to be the toughest part of the trek. My loaded raft is likely to weigh 60 lbs and will weaken muscles that swimming will not appreciate. 


Renowned across the World as the benchmark long distance swim. Although I have swam the Channel twice before, these swims were the result of a childhood dream. The journey that would see this dream come true was tougher than I could ever have imagined, the training gruelling (thank you Tom Watch) and the shared experiences with my training companions, unforgettable. The actual swims causing me to promise myself I would never have to do them ever again. Life defining moments. These swims were over twenty years ago. Despite the promises I made myself, I need to do it again. However, the challenge to see how I manage the required commitment to training and to answer the burning question, "Can I really still get across?", seems insufficient . 
In a world where all the mountains have been climbed and all the oceans rowed, the question is often asked, "Are there any true adventures left?" The question demands an answer and adventurers across the world are answering it loud and clear by pursuing new horizons and pushing new limits. Having swam the Channel in 1992 and again in 1993 to become the World's first backstroke swimmer, I find myself wondering whether I really could have got across in 2013 and ask if I should go back again next year? Continuing to redefine the established boundaries of English Channel swimming. In September 2013 I failed. Maybe one day, I will commence another swim of the English Channel . A swim that will audaciously redefine the nature of English Channel swimming and lay down the gauntlet to coming generations seeking to do it tough. A new chapter, a new dimension. A swim never before attempted in the history of English Channel swimming. 

Why Swimmer without a Cause? 

It seems a waste of purpose to undertake dreams yet ignore the many opportunities that our dreams might offer in support of those who might be unable to attend to their own. With so many swims remaining un-swum, I find myself unable to select a preferred charity or important cause. To me, there are simply too many that inspire, too many that do a great work, too many to pick just one. I therefore find myself as a Swimmer without a Cause. 

Haydn’s challenge to you. 

Suggest a new swim and link it with YOUR CAUSE. I will consider those suggested and swim the ones that inspire me most. Simply email me on my contacts page, with your idea of a great swim and a great cause. 
Maybe just one big swim in the year, maybe two or three smaller swims. Just as long as the swim inspires me and I can swim for your cause. 
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