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“ I’m Brad Halliday and I was a missionary serving threre in 1980. I served with Elder Mark Mooney and Elder Moller. Taunton was just about my favourite area. Not because of the geographic location , but because of the members like Brother and Sister Stallard and Brendon and Sister Forrest to name a few. We lived above the butcher shop, the brother who owned the shop was Salvation Army, but his wife Sister Pattenden and two daughters Ann and Janette were members. Without looking this up in my journal I cant remember enough facts or names. 
Please accept my apologies, I will get back to you soon. My wife and I just lost our son in Afganistan. He stepped on a land mine. We were just informed yesterday. 
I will tell you, I remember a drunk walked off the street and sat down in our Elders Quorum meeting that was being held just inside the doorway of this little hall we rented for our services. The Elders had to sit on folded chairs just inside the door at the front entry to this place as the other rooms were all being used. I think there was only a hall and a kitchen or something. Anyway, this drunk man walked up and asked if he could join us, it had been raining and I think he was just wet and cold. 
So we invited him to sit, and after a while the Elders Quorum President suggestede we sit with the man out in his car and teach him a discussion. So we did. My companion and I took the man out to the EQPs car and spoke with him. It became clear to us that the man just wanted to get out of the cold and wet and enjoy the warmth and some fellowship. Had he been sober, 
Perhaps we could have had a deeper discussion on the principles of the gospel. 
May the Lord bless you. 
1980 Elder Brad Halliday 
Elder Mooney & Elder Halliday 
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