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1965 Elder Wynn Stirling 
Dear Haydn, 
I am happy to respond to your invitation to provide some information about Taunton in the mid 60’s. I served in Taunton from May to September, 1965. My first companion was Elder Glenn McGhie. At that time, we held church in the upstairs room of some hall, I don’t recall the name of it. But we usually and one or two attendees besides us. One was a young man name Richard Tibbets (sp) who was very faithful. As time went on, we taught and baptized a Sister Williams (I don’t recall her first name). Elder MGhie baptized her and bumped her head agains the wall in the process, so had to do it again. 
The address of our first digs was 34 Silver Street. I remember that address because we were extremely uncomfortable there and Elder MdGhie,I think, was in the process of starving to death. Anyway, as we were tracting along we came across a very sweet lady named Bedsen. Turns out she loves Americans because of our help during the war. She invited us in and gave us each a big bowl of raspberries and cream. I think Elder McGhie thought he had died and gone to heaven. To make a long story short, she invited us to move in to her place, which we immediately did. She was eventually baptized after I was transferred. 
My second companion there was Elder William Johnson. One day, as we were tracting, we were approached by a woman named Szmyt. She said she felt there was something she had to say to us. She said she knew we could help her in her search. She started coming to church, we taught her the discussions, and she was baptized by Elder Johnson. 
I had a great time in Taunton. I understand there is now a ward there, so it sounds like things have changed a lot. 
Warm regards, 
Wynn Stirling 
Dear Haydn,  
Yes,I do remember the Welch family. Here is what i said in my journal entry of 20 June, 1965. “Discussions with the Welch family. They are Sister Eden’s parents and are really sharp. I am confident of a couple of baptisms. They are really prepared. I have a couple more entries concerning visits with Sister Welch, but I don’t recall their baptism. That must have happened after I was transferred. 
I do remember the Edens in Bournmouth. According to my journal, Elder Twitchell and I taught them a first discussion on Jan 23, 1965, a second discussion on Jan 27, they came to church for the first time on Jan 31, the 3d discussion on Feb 3, a 5th on Feb 17, but I think I got transferred before they were baptized. My record is vague here. As I recall, Juliet had a strong testimony, Len less so. 
Tell me about yourself. Do you live in Taunton? 
Elder Johnson & Elder Stirling 
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