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1964 Elder Gary Roe 
From: gary roe [] 
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2014 4:25 PM 
To: Sandra Rickett 
Subject: RE: Missionary alumni/Haydn Welch Request 
Dear Sandra. . . 
I received your email today concerning Haydn Welch request. I was assigned to Bridgwater as my very first spot in 1964. I have a true book (not about Bridgwater, however) that I wrote about a portion of my life that would include things like testimonies, the cover photo, and even the contact information. The book was published on I will pass it on to you in more detail: 
It's a 'hyperlink'. . .I don't even know what that is. I had a cerebral hemorrhage twenty years ago, and a lot of these computer language terms just confuses me; but I still can write. The stroke damaged my math skills, but I get around that problem with a calculator; I know how to get stuff out of it. My lovely daughter, and grand-daughter, fill in the blanks. 
My memory is pretty good, and I do remember, because my companion was a District Leader, going to visit some missionaries in Taunton and their names were Elder Philips and Elder. . .? (They were both from Arizona.) I remembered his name before I got this letter, but now it escapes me. (How fun the cerebral hemorrhage is when you go beyond it; most people die from it. But I came back.) On Amazon I have a two-book series (historical fiction) called The Zion Seekers - The Face on the train and A Little White Lie. I just put it on last week. It is the only books I have on Amazon besides the Goodbye, Santa Claus one. I have published three other books in the customary way on hard-back paper, but the "Goodbye" one is the most timely one. 
Hope this will make sense to you, and it will be somewhat helpful. 
Gary G. Roe 
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