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1961 Elder Scott Romney 

This picture was taken by Elder Romney after a baptism. Elder Adamson is on the left. 
I am pretty sure Elder Romney was the very first missionary to be assigned to Taunton. He and his junior companion Elder James Rex Moss were assigned to Taunton in the Somerset district lead by District Leader Elder Boyce Robertson ~Bob~ Clark. This would have been just before the formation of the mission in November or December 1961, while T. Bowring Woodbury was still President of the British Mission. 
Romney’s father was then President of American Motors and later was a serious candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. His younger brother Mitt Romney is in the same position in his Life right now. 
Okay, I have a story to tell, it turned out to be one of the funniest things that happened to any of our missionaries. Though it wasnt really very funny at the time. At the outside of Taunton, as you enter the city limits, there is – at least there used to be- a city sign with the town crest on it. Formally announcing that one was entering Taunton. Forged iron sign, with the city crest in full colour, probab;y hand painted on the sign. A beautiful thing. 
Elder Romney and Elder Moss rented a car to take a convert to Bristol to be baptized, this would have been somewhere near Christmas 1961. And on the way back to Taunton they had noticed the sign, maybe not for the first time. They dropped off the new member and proceeded to the sign to liberate it and send it home as a Christmas present, probably to a girlfriend, as a momento of the town where they were working. 
A torch and a screwdriver were busy at work on their trophy when a car passed them on the road. They thought nothing of it and proceeded with their prank, removed the sign and took it back to their digs with them on Albemarle Road. They had their trophy. 
First thing the next morning they had the opportunity to meet a member of the Taunton constabulary. It seems that the passing motorist had taken the plate number of the vehicle and they had been traced back to the renters and "would you please follow me” 
Elders Romney and Moss were booked into Taunton jail and the Mission President had to come down from London to bail them out. This one never made the newspapers. Elder Jim Moss wrote a lyric to the Kingston Trio song “Tiajuana Jail” about the escapade. 
So here we are 
In the Taunton jail 
The LDS 
Wont’s go our bail 
So here we'll stay 
‘Till judgement day 
Just send our mail 
To the Taunton Jail 
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