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Internet Price Match Promise 
Haydn Welch Jewellers are Official Agents for the watch brands listed througout this web site. We cannot list every watch each manufacturer offers and have therefore designed the web pages to be more informative rather than fully transactional. Prices listed are recommended retail prices but INTERNET PRICES WILL BE MATCHED. If you seek a particular watch seen on another web site, but would rather buy from a local family business than an unknown web based business, please contact us with full details. 
We will match any UK internet price. 

Haydn would like to thank Bulova watches for donating a watch towards the costs of his swim 
The English Channel "The Undone Way"  

Bulova Precisionist Collection is the world’s most accurate watch with a continuously sweeping second hand. Most quartz watches are accurate to 15 seconds a month – Bulova Precisionist is accurate to 10 seconds a year. The key is Precisionist’s unique three-prong crystal, which produces a vibration frequency of 262.144 kilohertz (kHz), eight times greater than the usual two-prong crystal and the highest of any watch available today. 
With unmatched technical brilliance, this unprecedented timepiece features 1/1000 second precision and a twelve hour time frame and is accurate to within ten seconds per year. 
The name Precisionist and it's continuously sweeping second hand demonstrates Precisionist's unparalleled accuracy.  
The innovative Precisionist crystal has three prongs, creating a torsional resonator - the prongs not only move back and forth but twist (standard quartz has only two prongs). 
Precisionist has the highest number of vibrations per second (262,144 kHz of any quartz watch. This unique construction generates 8 times more vibrations than traditional quartz. The result ? A reduction in the effct of temperature variations and superior accuracy, 
A watch without batteries or electricity, powered by the energy of a coiled spring and kept in motion by a complex, self-winding system perpetuated by your body's natural movement. 
The Bulova Sport Collection takes on every challenge and delivers high-performance style. Featuring the renowned Marine Star Collection, Bulova Sport watches include precision chronographs as well as sport casual and diamond designs 


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